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MikeCRM is an online form builder, contacts manager and marketing explorer, which affirmatively strengthens your ability to collect data, discover potential customers and win more deals.

Design online forms to collect any information you want

Build online forms with enriched widgets from basic Select, Text, Image to compound File Upload, Address, IM, SNS... and far beyond. Over 50 different Lego-like widgets suit all your need.

Answer-based question flow is fully enabled with only a few clicks and highly intuitional.

Empowered by Sale widget, your form collects not only data, but also money.

User-defined form appearance with plenty of fine templates for one-key skinning.

Email notification upon new feedback, allowing real-time collection process tracking.

Filter form-submits flexibly; analytics of Submits are manifest at a glance.

Data submitted by people can automatically converge into individual contacts, paving the way for contact value analysis.

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Using Mails to maintain a continuous customer marketing

Highly optimized and efficient mail service sends periodics or promos to each of your customers within a blink.

Visualized drag & drop email design widgets, making emailing far easier beyond imagination.

Insert variables into email content, making your emails more relevant and targeting.

Real-time delivery status reports, keeping you informed of promotion effect which leads to strategy adjusting.

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Contacts, the map to find high-value customers

Multiple channels are available to add contacts: auto created via form-submits, imported from files or email address book, etc.

Detailed timelines are well prepared to track contacts' behaviors: filling in forms, reading/clicking emails, receiving and replying messages, etc.

30+ sub-attributes and 100+ kinds of filtering conditions, allowing swift and precise targeting among numerous customers.

4 types of differentiated contact groups and customizable contact tags, help you refine and streamline contact management.

Mine the hidden customer value from contacts' behaviors and reactions, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of every penny invested.

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Gain insights to target ideal customers

Find customers via marketing campaign, targeting high-value customers and making each campaign and customer contact count.

1 000 000+

organizations are using MikeCRM to fuel their business.

Most importantly, the followings are all cost-free:

For free, you can invite any number of members to work with you and manage the data.

For free, you can create any number of forms to collect any number of submits.

For free, you can manage any number of contacts.

We bear full duties of confidentiality for data stored in MikeCRM. Under no circumstance will we share your data with any third-party in any form.

We provide friendly and professional customer service. Feel free to contact us through email, telephone or leave a message. We look forward to all messages from you.