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Drag and drop blocks to create a well-formatted Emails easily.

  • Dozens of Ready-Made Layout Blocks

    Beside the regular image-text layout for EDM, there're special blocks like event lists, Quotes for you to customize your Emails.

  • Visualized and Flexible Blocks Configuration

    Each element in the blocks can be set as Hide/Show, offering endless possibilities of content layout customization.

  • Rich Contact Variables

    Insert variables like Name, Title, Company into the content and make every Email customized, considerate, targeted and effective.

  • All Terminals Auto-fitted

    The mail you design can be accommodated to various screens like computers, laptops, pads or mobile phones. One design for all-size screens.


Excellent Design + Precise Lists + Optimized Strategy = Perfect Marketing!

  • Precisely Targeted Recipients

    Use filters, groups and tags to distinguish contacts and build targeted Mail list based on demographics such as gender, location.

  • Mail Preview and Test

    Preview the content editing in real time and send test Mail with seconds, both for you to know its display effect in different terminals and productivity environment.

  • Strategic Sending Control

    Optimized sending strategic has been adopted with the consideration of different mail types, industrial features and sending time, which contributes to a higher delivery rate.

  • Charge by Sending Status

    The system pre-excludes recipients to avoid duplicated and invalid Email addresses and resends failed Emails automatically with no need of manual operation. What's more, the failed Emails won't consume any quota so that every penny is cost-effective.


An excellent report should not only has statistics, but also contribute to further analyses and optimization.

  • Real-time Sending Report

    The detailed data like Delivered, Opened, Clicked of each sending are generated in real time. Other performance indicators, such as Locality, Opened at, and Browsing Environment are also prepared for you to master the whole process.

  • Conversion Effect Focused

    It's recommended to use forms as the landing page of Email marketing campaigns since forms are best at information collection and online payment. Let the conversion rate tell itself.

  • Strategy Optimization for Next Campaign

    Optimize Email lists based on the actions of the recipients, and build a system of Email Drip Marketing to make mass sending more delicate.